Plastic Molds Manufacturer
& Plastic Molded Parts Company


Step 1: 2d/3d files or samples,better with tool spec.

Step 2: Quotation offered within 3days with professional value whole.
Step 3: Sign back the quotation or issue order.
Step 4: Project characters
            A. Part structure analyzing
            B. Mold structure analyzing
            C. Plastic / steel material analyzing
            D. Plastic moulding injection process analyzing
Step 5: Update 2d / 3d part files
Step 6: Mold Design start from 3d and offered within 3-7 days against final part 2d/3d files.
Step 7: Weekly progress report with mold process pictures offered.
Step 8: Plastic Parts samples submitted with parameter & FAI report.
Step 9: Final fully injection Plastic Mold inspection according to customer's tool specification.
Step 10: Plastic part and mold package with export standard, wecan offer both air & sea shipment.

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